Monday, July 11, 2011

Chapter 14: Hard to Kick

Even though I'm slightly heartbroken... this story must go on. Because I just can't stop writing it. SO even though a certain hockey player is moving across the state, in this story he will stay in the 'Burgh. Good Luck Superstar!

Max’s POV

She was so goddamn frustrating! Why couldn’t she just give us a shot? It was blatantly obvious that there was chemistry between us. She didn’t even deny it! And what did she mean ‘it’s easier if we’re just friends’? It was getting pretty damn hard trying to behave myself. And the fact that she wanted me too, but was just too stubborn to admit it, had made my hand my night companion for a few weeks instead of her curves that I craved.

I turn off the shower, stepping out into the thick steam in my bathroom. I dry off, shaking the water out of my hair, before wrapping the towel around my waist and heading into my bedroom where Stanley was trying to get a milkbone out of his Kong toy. I pick up my phone from the bed.

Staalzy: ‘Diesel, 10:30.’

I smile to myself. I wasn’t going to be a celibate waiting for Maggie. It was taking a whole hell of a lot longer to land her than I thought it would.

I take a shot of Irish whiskey, chasing it with a swig of Bud Light. Maggie would be appalled by the action, chasing the Irish liquid with what she called “American water.” No, not thinking of her. I look around the club, searching for a suitable partner. I spot a brunette looking at me from the other side of the bar. I smile at her, and she smiles back putting in a cute wave.

I grin and push myself off the bar walking over to her side. She was just below my height with black pumps, which were attached to long legs clad in a short black skirt. She had on a long sleeved red shirt that warmed her tanned skin and dipped low in the front. Her long brown hair was curled into perfect waves, which were swept over one shoulder.

“So, how about we skip the small talk and cheesy pick up lines. I’m Max,” I smile charmingly, kissing her hand.

She giggles at my charm, and I know I have someone to take home.

“Maddie,” she smiles back.

I laugh, before leading her out for a dance. A petite brunette named Maddie. Of course.

Maggie’s POV

He rolls off of me to the other side of the bed, trying to cool down in the hot Aussie weather. The heat could be merciless when you didn’t add water. Our heavy breathing mingled with the sounds of the gulls in the distance and the soft beating of the ceiling fan’s motor. The moving air helped to evaporate the slick sweat from my body, helping me to cool my body temperature again.

“Damn, Darlin’, that was a hell of a goodbye,” he pants next to me.

I chuckle, turning on my side to look at him, my head resting in my hand.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Tiger,” I smirk, tracing the waves in the tattoo that circled his upper bicep. A ‘T’ with wings on a larger bicep flashes in my mind, but I quickly shake my head, clearing the thought.

His blue eyes look to my eyes for a minute but wander over my exposed flesh greedily. They were always blue, the color of the ocean. Surprisingly unlike the blue eyes in the States that turned a stormy grey as often as the Pittsburgh sky. I take a deep breath, remembering my intent.

I move so that I’m straddling his slim waist, his strong core beneath me. I whip my head to one side, letting gravity take my thick hair to one shoulder so that I can cool off. I let my hands wander around his chest, tracing unique patterns in his tan skin. He let’s out a hum, his hands coming up to caress my hips, before settling on my ass with a squeeze.

“Mmmm, those hands are always wandering,” I smirk at him.

“They’ve got a mind of their own,” he grins at me.

I chuckle lowly, before pulling his wrists so that his arms rested above his head. He pouts at me, which I answer by pressing myself to his body, my chest brushing against his. I pull my head up so that my mouth connects with his, my tongue exploring his mouth. After a few moments, I let my lips journey away, kissing down his neck and letting my tongue flick over the spot right below his jaw. His sun bleached hair, tickles my nose as I do so, so unlike the clean cut brown hair that I wanted to run my fingers through in the airport. I linger on the spot, sucking ever so gently as I hear him let out a groan, his hands trying to free themselves of my grasp.

“That’s not nice Maggie,” he warns, his voice low.

“Mmmm,” I respond against his throat, before traveling down to nibble on his collarbone and grinding my hips against his abs.

“Fuuuck,” he moans, and I feel him growing against my back.

He tries to flip us over, but I use my weight as leverage, keeping me on top. I move my hips back a little, so that his erection is poking my outer thigh.

I bring my mouth to his again, keeping one hand on his wrists while reaching my other hand to circle around his shaft. He could easily break his arms free, but with his penis in my hand, he is in no place to demand.

I begin to stroke him, my tongue still in his mouth as he groans, his hips bucking up slightly. I smirk, sitting up abruptly.

“Come on Maggie,” he says huskily, “You’ve got to finish what you started.”

“Only if you promise to take me one last time, before I leave,” I say.

I hear him groan, “I have a date.”

“Exactly. Do you want to go on your date with blue balls?” I ask cockily, knowing the advantage I had.

“You have to finish this, not just for me but for you too,” he grins at me, his arm pulling away and his hand coming to the already damp place between my thighs. I gasp as he pushes a finger into me, his thumb pushing my clit like a starter button. “You need this just as much as I do.”

I stifle a moan and instinct takes over as my hips move, pushing his finger in deeper. I hear him chuckle before he takes away the pleasure, licking the juices off his finger. I glare at him.

“That’s what you think. But, if you’re going to be like that,” I say beginning to get off him, “I can just finish this up quickly in the bathroom,” I finish licking my own fingers suggestively.

His eyes widen, before he let’s out a feral growl, flipping me onto my back and hovering overtop.

“Fine. I’ll take you.”

“Take me where?” I ask sweetly, batting my eye lashes innocently.

“I will take you, one last time to Surfer’s Paradise. And when you’re itchy from the salt water on your 25 hour flight, that’s your own damn fault.”

My mind switches over to picture a different body above me, one that was shaped by a life on the ice, not in the ocean. I can’t help the transformation from taking shape in my mind. After a week of sex with an Australian surfer you would think I could at least diminish the fantasy in my mind, but I was having no such luck. The habit was proving hard to kick.

“Yes it will be,” I nod, before pushing Max out of my mind and pulling my self up to connect our mouths, my right leg hooking over his hips.

He needs no further encouragement and plows into me, his full length filling me completely.

I sit with my legs dangling over the sides of the board. The ocean’s gentle current moving me slightly. I look off into the distant blue, waiting.

Riley had left a half hour ago to go on his date, which he had already postponed two hours. He quit surfing when I pulled out my iPhone and quickly changed my flight. He had wanted to drive me to the airport, but I could manage.

I watch as the waves build up in the distance, I needed one last cleanse before I could leave, go back to Pittsburgh, and face him again. Before I put on the ‘just friends’ fa├žade.

I take a deep breath, pulling my legs up and leaning down on my board. My arms paddle through the water, inching me closer to the Promised Land, abundant in gnarly waves. There were people all around me, enjoying some of the best waves in the worlds. There was a reason this was called ‘Surfer’s Paradise’.

Finally I see the one I’ve been looking for. It builds up slowly, promising to tower over me. I swiftly move up to my feet, my arms out to help maintain my balance. Using my core and legs I plant myself firmly on the white board, my feet perpendicular to the two orange strips running down it’s length. As the wave rolls closer to land, it takes me with it. Using muscle and momentum I turn my board to ride on the giant’s mighty edge, my hand coming out to sweep along its blue coolness.

I could feel my muscles, all working together to keep me centered and upright, the roaring of the ocean in my ear as the sun begins to dip lower to the horizon. As the wave carries me, others beside me wipe out, but I try to remain upright. Balancing on the edge becomes harder and harder as the wave gets steeper. I ride it for as long as I can, before I can no longer hold on. My body gives in, falling in to the cool blue ocean, feeling the tide swarm around me. I feel a tug on my ankle as my board drifts further than me, thank God for that ankle strap. I kick my legs hard in the water, breaking the surface and gasping in the clean air, my board next to me.

I let the bliss bubble up inside me as I tread water next to the surfboard, watching as the wave I was riding goes crashing into the shore. It is suddenly too much to take and burst out in a loud laugh, my head falling back, the weight of my wet hair making it easy. I swim easily to shore, feeling no need to rush, even though the sun has dipped lower and the sharks will be out soon. But I find that my feet touch the sandy bottom quicker than I expected, and soon I can walk up the beach.

I push my board in the sand next to my duffel and messenger bag. I pull out my camera and look out to the ocean. The horizon had become a canvas to a mighty force, streaked with reds, oranges, and yellows. It darkens the once clear blue waters, making the few stragglers surfing their final waves into dark silhouettes. I pull the camera up to my eye, focusing the shot and pushing the button, actions that were now just second nature.

Lowering the camera, I take in the picture in front of me. I breathe deeply, knowing that even when the film was developed, the picture could not match the beauty in front of me now. This was breath-taking beauty that literally made a person forget how to take in air for a moment. No matter how good of a photographer I was destined to become in this life, nothing could compare to the real thing. My photos only provided a glimpse of what nature could do. Man’s inventions simply cannot compare to Mother Nature herself.

Max’s POV

I wake up to my phone vibrating on the table next to me.

The thoughts of last night, although slightly clouded, come back to me and I immediately look to my right. But instead of her head on the pillow, there is a piece of paper.

Thanks for a great night, Superstar. Call me.

~ Maddie

I sit up, leaning on my arm as I scan the paper in my hand. I let out a low chuckle; we both knew that I wasn’t going to call. But she was a good fuck, maybe if I was feeling a little lonely one night…

I suddenly remember my phone and roll over to retrieve my phone from the bedside table.

Maggie Sutherland : ‘I’m baaaaack!’

I smirk at the text, thinking of the feisty brunette that could not be compared to, not even to a similar brunette with a coincidentally similar name. So similar, that luckily Maddie didn't notice when I moaned the wrong name last night... oops. And I wasn't supposed to be thinking of her. That habit was seemingly harder to kick than I thought.

I text back.

To Maggie Sutherland: ‘Lord help us all.’

Moments later my phone goes off again.

Maggie Sutherland: ‘ :P ’

I chuckle at the text; she definitely was one of a kind. Maybe… I won’t be lonely.


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