Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapter 12: Déjà vu

“Alright Maggs, let’s go home,” Max says grinning at me, our hands swinging comically as we walk out of the club.

“Max seriously, it’s fine. Just take me to my car,” I groan, trying to break my hand free.

“Ooooh, no. You are not breaking into your own car at one in the morning,” he says not letting go of my hand.

“I’m not, it’s quarter after one in the morning,” I say sticking my tongue out at him.

“Nope, you’re coming with me, Maggs,” he says giving me a tug and sending me into his side.

I hold back a gasp, and instead settle for an “oomph.” It felt good to be against him, his solid torso next to me and his strong arm around my waist. It was surprising how well I seemed to fit there. And man did he smell good!

“What did I say about those hands,” I grumble, looking down to his hand splayed out on my hip.

“Mmm… your mouth says one thing, but you have to admit Maggs, you like my hugs,” he hums leaning down so his mouth is by my ear.

“You keep telling yourself that Talbot,” I say rolling my eyes and forcing myself to push away from his warm body.

We make it to the car before anything else on the matter can be said, and I’m so tired I get in without a fuss. I’m no where near the most tired I’ve ever been, but I didn’t want to do say something I was going to regret.

Max’s POV

I sink down in the leather seats and turn the key, causing my car to hum to life.

“So is this how you get all your girls?” she asks buckling her seat belt.

“Huh?” I ask perplexed, looking over at her.

“The girls you take home, do they lock themselves out too?” she smirks at me, her eye brow raising sarcastically.

“Actually Maggie, some women find me charming and attractive,” I say rolling my eyes.

“I never said you weren’t,” she shrugs.

I quickly look over to her after her admittance, but she is contently looking out the window.

“So what you’re saying is you think I’m hot,” I smile cockily at her, catching her roll her eyes before I have to turn my gaze back to the road.

“I’m saying that from what I know anthropologically, you’re fit, you have a masculine voice, and you face is pretty symmetrical… well maybe not now,” she chuckles, gesturing to my black eye, “as a female it’s easy to view you as an attractive male that has potentially good genes to provide to offspring.”

“So what you’re saying is you want to have sex with me,” I smirk.

“No, because of my evolutionary make up, I’m attracted to you because your appearance suggests that you can provide good genes to offspring that could make them well adapted and thus continue on the gene pull,” she says with a straight face.

“Jesus, Bones, all you had to do is say yes,” I grin over at her.

“Bones?” she asks, looking over at me apparently confused.

“Yeah, you know, the TV show?” I say.

“Max, I don’t really watch that much TV…” she yawns shaking her head.

“You’ve never seen Bones?” I ask, looking over at her in shock.

“Nooo,” she replies slowly.

“You would like it, it’s about a crime solving anthropologist,” I say looking over at her, “We’ll watch it when we get to the apartment.”

“Max,” she sighs getting frustrated.

“Here we are, home sweet home!” I say before she can continue, pulling up into my driveway.

I hear her let out an annoyed sigh before I climb out of the car, running around to the other side to open her door for her. However, I’m almost nailed by the door as it swings open on it’s own, before I can even grab the handle.

“Save your chivalry for the next girl you bring home, I’m capable of opening a car door,” she grumbles, stepping out of the car.

Her independence was so frustrating sometimes, but I didn’t push the subject. Apparently it was passed someone’s bedtime.

I follow her to the door, stepping around her small frame to unlock it. I open my front door and promptly let it close behind me instead of holding it for her.

“Smart ass,” I hear her grumble, opening the door.

“You’re the one that didn’t want the chivalry, I was just abiding you wish,” I smile sweetly at her as I climb the stairs. Her only reply is an eye roll. “You better watch Maggs, my mom says that if you roll your eyes too much they stick like that.”

She just sticks her tongue out at me for the second time tonight.

“You know, I can think of so many more ways you could use that tongue, instead of in a childish way,” I sigh, turning on the lights.

She just gives me a glare, but I see a blush ever so slightly hidden beneath the freckles on her cheekbones.

Suddenly, a young black dog comes barreling out of the bedroom, a sock in his mouth.

“Stanley!” I say throwing my hands up, making him slide to a stop in front of me, sitting obediently at my feet.

I give the dog a good rub, murmuring how he is a good boy.

I look up to Maggie, who is giving me a warm smile and amused look.

“Maggie, this is Stanley, Stanley go bite her,” I chuckle.

“You’re soooo funny Talbot,” she says with a huff, “Hi, Stanley. I’m sorry you have to live with him,” she says in a higher pitched voice.

Stanley immediately responds to the attention and worms his way over to her, letting her run her hands through his curly hair.

“Awww, you’re such a good boy,” she murmurs.

His answer to the complement is to give her a few sloppy kisses on the cheek, making her giggle.

I watch as her nose wrinkles as she laughs, trying unsuccessfully to get Stanley away from her face. She continues to laugh when he rolls over on his back for her to rub his belly.

“You’re adorable,” she tells him, obliging his request and rubbing his belly.

‘So are you,’ I find myself thinking, a smile creeping onto my face.

“Well Max Talbot, are we going to watch this show you’re talkin’ about, or can I go pass out?!” she says, bringing clover green eyes to question me sarcastically.

“You have to watch at least one episode,” I pout comically at her, making her laugh again. I smirk, always taking it as a small victory when I cold make her laugh.

"Alright, but could I at least borrow a shirt, this one is starting to get annoying,” she sighs, gesturing down to the green lace top my eyes had been enjoying all night.

“Yeah sure,” I say running into my room and rummaging throw my drawers for a t-shirt. I come back out with a Penguins shirt, my name across the top, much like the one she wore to the game.

“Where is the one you wore to the game?” I ask, handing her the shirt.

“My car,” she sighs, taking it and walking off to the bathroom, her hips swaying in those worn jeans.

A few moments later she comes out, wearing only the t-shirt with her dark rimmed glasses on. My jaw drops as I watch the muscles play in her thighs as she walks. The t-shirt just skimmed her mid thigh. I found myself wishing that she was taller at that moment, just so the shirt went higher on her thighs. She places her clothes on the coffee table before walking over to the couch.

I clear my throat and grab the remote, pushing the On Demand button. As she tries to pass me to sit on the other corner of the couch, I reach up and pull her to me by hips. She let’s out a surprised squeak before losing her balance and crashing down beside me.

“Mean,” she huffs.

I just laugh and sit up so that I’m next to her, our shoulders touching as I scan through On Demand.

“Back at you,” I say simply, gesturing to her outfit and making her smirk, “How about this one?” I ask clicking on the second one down.

“I’m leaving up to you,” she says, pulling her knees up on the couch and leaning into me.

“This one it is!”

Just as Booth handcuffs the guy who did it, I look over to Maggie to find her asleep against me, snuggled into my side. I brush a stray curl from her face and watch her sleep. Her emerald eyes were masked by lids fringed by thick lashes. Her pink lips were slightly pressed out in sleep and I could only imagine how they would feel against me. She wasn’t like the other girls that had spent the night in this apartment. Those ones were perfectly tan, with make up slathered on, and we would still be rolling around in the sheets at this time. But here was the girl that I had really wanted all along, and she was nothing like the girls that I had been bringing home. She was a spitfire that was one of the most stubborn people I have ever met. I never thought that I would be bringing her home, and although my dreams were played out a little differently than watching a TV show and her falling asleep, I couldn’t help but smile at the beauty next to me.

I gently stand up, careful not to wake her. I pick her up, cradling her in my arms and making my way to the bedroom. I gently lay her down on the bed, pulling my black comforter over her small frame, watching as she nuzzles her head deeper into the pillow.

I smile at her childlike action that made her that much cuter. She seemed so quiet and peaceful now. You would never be able to guess what a spitfire she is when she’s awake.

Bending over, I let my lips briefly linger on her smooth cheek, right below her high freckle covered cheekbones. I straighten and turn to leave again, it was one of the first times that I had a girl in my bed and I wasn’t in it too.

“Max?” I hear her voice softly murmur from the bed.

“Yeah Maggs?” I ask turning in surprise to the quiet voice.

“Stay,” she says simply, not even opening her eyes.

I hesitate for a minute, was this some kind of trick?

“I don’t want to be alone tonight,” she says quietly, those emerald eyes peaking open to look at me.

I feel my breath catch; she murmured that exact sentence over 8 years ago. She watches me, waiting for me with an almost pleading look on her face. This was the very definition of Déjà vu.

I smirk back and find myself going back over to the bed. I strip myself down to my boxers before crawling into my own bed, careful not to touch her, unsure of the boundaries that I had just entered. It felt like it was the first time I had ever crawled in bed with a girl, not sure what to do next.

She scoot her body next to mine, her head rests on my bicep as her fingers come up to trace the cross on my ribs, sending chills cup my spin. Her green eyes sweep up to mine as she smiles sleepily. Her right hand rests on my ribs as she scoots in closer, nuzzling her nose into my neck and letting out a content sigh, slipping back into sleep.

I let my hand travel down her curves from her shoulder down to settle on her hip, feeling pleasure shoot through my body as I pull her hips to fit into me. It felt so right to be next to her.

Maggie’s POV

“Don’t know where I’m going. Don’t know where I’m going…” My ring tone sings.

‘Who the hell is calling me?’ I think, letting out a groan, ‘And where the hell is the phone?’

I try to move to stop Flogging Molly from screaming, but I find that my waist is weighed down. A masculine arm draped over it.

“Shiiit,” I hiss, looking over my shoulder to see who it is.

His rugged face is sleeping angelically behind me, his head pillowed on his tattooed bicep, and his hard body was fit tight against me.

I quickly search my brain, realizing that my mind wasn’t completely consumed by alcohol last night so I could remember what happened. I look down at myself to find that I’m in a t-shirt, no pants, but a t-shirt. Thank God nothing happened.

“Don’t know where I’m going. Don’t know where…”

I try to crawl out of his grasp carefully so as not to wake him, but his grip just tightens around me.

“Stay,” he mumbles, not even opening his eyes.

I try again, hoping he’s still asleep.

“Maggie, go back to sleep,” me grumbles, pulling me tight against his warm body.

I sigh.

“Don’t know where I’m going. Don’t know where…”

“Max come on, Paddy is calling me,” I groan, trying to move his heavy arm.

“Fine,” he sighs, his grey eyes opening ever so slightly to watch me crawl out of bed, “Nice red undies, Maggs. Very cute.”

“Shut up,” I grumble, trying to keep the blush I felt coming from staining my cheeks. I slip on my glasses and grab my phone off the bedside table, “Padraig, it’s 8 in the morning what do you want?”

“Where the hell are you? Open the damned door!” I hear my brother growl into the phone.

“YOU HAVE THE FUCKING KEYS!!! I had to stay with Max because I couldn’t get into my apartment without breaking into the car.”

“YOU WHAT?!?!”

“Paddy, I haven’t had my coffee, yet,” I warn.

“You can break into a car, why didn’t you just get your spare?” He asks.

“Look, just go get my car and use the keys to get in, I will be home in a little bit,” I sigh, pushing on my temple; it was much too early for a headache

“I swear to God he better have behaved himself, or I’m gonna…” Paddy begins.

“YOU are going to do NOTHING, Padraig. Nothing happened last night and Max gave me a place to say because you have my keys. Quit trying to protect me, if I want protection I will use a condom or hire a bodyguard. Goodbye, I will see you soon,” I snap into the phone.

I let out an annoyed sigh, turning around to see Max sitting up in bed, a lazy smirk plastered on his face. His hair was sticking up in every direction and his hands were behind his head, his biceps showing his strength. It took all the strength I had not to jump back into bed.

“What are you so smug about?” I ask, my hands coming to my hips in attitude.

“You’re hot when you’re mad and fresh out of bed,” he grins at me cockily.

I just roll my eyes at him, before heading to the bathroom; my hair was probably rivaling Medusa’s at the moment.

I take a deep breath while I’m in the bathroom, letting out a groan when I look in the mirror.

I’ve been worse, but it was going to take days to get all these knots out. I quickly locate his toothpaste and do a quick travel finger brush on my teeth, something I learned over the years when a toothbrush wasn’t available. I pull up my hair into a knot and splash water on my face, good enough. I’ll just leave my contacts out today. But even though I looked like…well like crap… I was surprisingly well rested.

I open the door to the bathroom, to find a shirtless male leaning against the wall, smirking at me His shoulder muscles flexed as he shifted, my eyes wondering lower to the cross that marked the muscle that was packed tight against his ribs. I followed his abs down, almost reaching out to trace the lines of muscles. Further down, boxer briefs clung to his frame and showed off the hockey player muscular thighs that would make a nun give up practice. And also showing off that he was no little boy.

If that wasn’t enough temptation, his unique concoction of smells, that all males have when they first wake up, was enough to make me drool. I could detect his spice deodorant and musky cologne ever so slightly, mixed in with his own natural scent. It was enough to send me over the edge, and before I can stop the action I bite my lip, giving away my thoughts. My eyes travel back up his frame to meet his eyes; his blue eyes were clouded over with grey and held heat as they stared back at me.

I begin to lean toward him, if he kissed me and I happened to reciprocate that wasn’t sex right? Obviously with how we were dressed and with his bed right there it could lead to that (and probably would), but that wasn’t so bad right? We could have sex, it wasn’t like either of us were virgins or expected more out of sexual relationship other than sex. I’d figure out everything else later. Maybe this would clear the air, cut the sexual tension we had been holding since high school. Then we could go about life like normal.

I look down to his lips, and then back up to his eyes. ‘Come on Max, kiss me,’ I think.

He begins to close the distance, leaning down to my height, but before the final inches are passed, I hear Max’s phone go off in the other room, snapping both of us out of it.

I clear my throat and back away a little, smoothing back my hair. I watch as Max backs away slightly too, chuckling lowly as his hand sweeps through his already messy hair. The air between us was breathable once more, allowing for clearer thinking. He clears his throat and steps closer to me.

“I’m liking this look on you,” he says, his height causing me to look up at him. His eyes had changed back to blue, holding humor and something else, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. “Paddy should take your keys more often,” he says tugging the hem of my t-shirt. I feel myself instantly heat up again as his warm body brushes against me to get into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I let out the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding, going into the living room to get my clothes. I find my clothes and go back into the bedroom. Just as I’m pulling my jeans on I hear the door open. He steps out and stops with his hand in his hair when he sees me tugging the denim over my hips. I button them and pull off the t-shirt, only to pull my own shirt over my head, making sure to wiggle it a little more than normal.

“Come on Superstar, get dressed and I’ll buy you some coffee on my way to my apartment,” I say plastering on a fake smile and running my hand over his shoulder as I pass.

When I hear his closet door, signaling that he was putting on clothes, I let out a sigh. How much longer were we going to be able to keep this friendship without slipping into the friends with benefits category? I needed to get out of here for a little bit. Where should I go?

I look down to the coffee table, spotting a magazine with a Subaru carrying multiple surfboards on the top. That’s it!

“Maggs, I need to take Stanley out, and then we’ll go,” Max says coming out of his bedroom tugging on a hoodie with the Penguins emblem on the front.

“Alright, that’s fine. I have to make a phone call anyway,” I smile, reaching for my phone.

He nods and grabs the leash off a hook by the door, Stanley bounding over.

As soon as they’re out the door, I quickly find the contact I’m looking for in my phone. After 3 rings a heavily accented deep voice answers.

“Riley, it’s Maggie,” I smile, “How are the waves down there?”



Nooooooooo.....don't run away..... oh you really strung us along with this chapter you evil woman you! Great to see a new chapter...can't wait for next chapter!

Sarah said...

I loved the update! Can't wait to see what's next for Maggie and Max!

Anonymous said...

I really, really like this. And I really like how you're updating more frequently. And I like their almost kiss, you're teasing us by making us wait until Max and Maggie finally do kiss - assuming they do and Riley isn't some kind of decoy?!

One thing - sometimes I think Maggie borders on the aggressive side "Shut the fuck up" was maybe a little bit too far. I know she can take care of herself and she's your character but she came across as a little rude instead of flirtatious or sassy. Just a mild observation.

Looking forward to where you're taking this next :)