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Chapter 5: Itchy

“Fine. Let me just get my bag out of my car,” I growl, finally agreeing to go with Max in his car instead of taking my own. Probably not the best idea but if it would get him to shut up, … I run over to my new car, and by new I mean a 2007 jeep wrangler X in dark red, used with 35,000 miles on it. Not exactly everyone’s dream car, but it suited me and who knew where I was going after this.

I first take off my fleece jacket and pull the t-shirt Max gave me over my head. I shiver in the chilly weather my arms bare and my body covered by only my thin tank top, I quickly shove my arms back into my black Columbia fleece and zip it the whole way up, shivering to get the warmth back into my body. I grab my green canvas messenger bag out of the passenger’s seat and check to makes sure I have the essentials. My glasses, a book, Guns at the Forks by Walter O'Meara was my current read, and my wallet… I was good to go. I plop my cell phone in the bag and lock the car behind me, stuffing my keys into my bag as well before slinging the bag over my shoulder.

“Alright, let’s go,” running back to Max, who is leaning on his car waiting for me.

I had to admit; he looked good in his grey suit with a simple white dress shirt underneath and a black and grey-stripped tie. His arms were folded across his broad chest. My eyes wonder lower across a flat stomach and down to his lower half. I could see the signature hockey player thigh muscles through the fabric.

‘Powerful to say the least,’ I think as I subconsciously bite my lip.

My eyes drag up to meet his. His eyes were looking particularly blue at the moment as he smirked at me knowingly. I had been caught checking him out. But hell, who wouldn’t?! It’s not like I had the urge to crash my lips against his in what would be a very heated kiss. No, I didn’t want to feel that slight scruff against me as his lips worked over mine, nor did I want to run my hands through his still wet hair. Nope, maybe some girls… most girls, even… but not this one.

“Finally!” he says getting up and walking passed me giving me a whiff of his mouth-watering cologne and a good look at those broad shoulders. I bite my lip again, suppressing a groan. I was a sucker for strong broad shoulders. I swallow my thoughts, reminding myself that it’s Max, nothing can happen. I could go home with a guy tonight and get rid of the sexual tension that I needed to get rid of and it would all be good again.

He steps in front of me and opens the passenger door for me.

“My lady,” he says with a charming smile, gesturing for me to get inside.

I roll my eyes as I hop in, “I’m not your lady,’” I snort, before closing the door on my own. I watch as he just shakes his head and chuckles before walking to the driver’s side of the car.

The car starts with an immediate blast of warm air making me realize how chilly it is outside. Some sort of rock station plays on the radio as he backs out of the parking lot and out onto the open road, well the city road.

“Alright, here are the rules,” he says glancing over at me quickly.

“There are rules?” I ask, raising my eyebrow skeptically.

“1. Try not to get in trouble.”

“Pfft, no promises,” I mumble.

“2. Watch what you do with the team, especially if there are cameras around,” he says totally ignoring my previous statement.

“Aww, damn! And here I was going to jump the Crosby kid,” I say rolling my eyes.

“3. Try not to get into a fight with another girl, because quite frankly we all know the other girl doesn’t stand a chance…”

“Hey now, it’s not my fault girls are particularly catty around me. The tight clothing apparently allows less oxygen to get to their brain and they pick fights. I just defend myself,” I say defensively pointing a finger at him while he drives.

He lets out a snort of laughter, looking over at me.

“Well, if you decide to ‘defend yourself’ make sure you tell us so we can watch/ video tape it,” he grins at me.

“Oh please. You of all people should know I don’t fight like a girl.”

“But seeing a girl try to take you on - priceless!” he grins.

I just roll my eyes and shake my head with a deep sigh.

“And finally rule 4…” he says breaking the silence.

“There is a Fourth Rule?!” I say looking over at him in shock.

“Don’t go home with anyone unless it’s A. someone I know will just drop you off at your house and keep his hands off you or B. me, “ he says bluntly.

I’m taken aback by the 4th rule. The first 3 were understandable… well ok, maybe the first two were. But the fourth was utterly ridiculous! And if the thought I was going to follow the fourth rule he was dumber than I thought.

“Ok,” I say quickly and very sarcastically.

“Maggie, I’m serious,” he says slowly, giving me a look before quickly turning his attention back to the rode.

“Mmmhmm, I know,” I smile, “But Max, I have every intention of breaking the fourth rule, otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to go with you guys”

His hands tighten on the steering wheel as he lets out an annoyed sigh, his stormy eyes meeting mine for just a second, warning me, before they flickered back to watch the road. I just smile back, honestly he should know better. When have I ever followed rules that were set specifically for me? And if you ask me, it was very hypocritical of him to make rule 4. I knew all about his reputation, “googling” is not a complicated process. I also knew that with that grin and those good looks, Max Talbot had the ability to charm the pants off of any girl he wanted.

Max’s POV

Loud. Hot. Dark.

Not only a good lay but a good nightclub as well. Maggie follows behind me, taking in the place. I look over my shoulder at her as her eyes scan the lights and the people on the dance floor. There was nothing on her face that said, ‘fuck this,’ or at least not yet there wasn’t. I smirk; maybe this was going to work out after all. I make my way over to the VIP section. As I approach the area I pull Maggie to my side, touching the small of her back lightly to indicate that she was with me. I feel her flinch at the initial touch, but a small annoyed huff told me she understood why I was doing it. I’m easily let in to the area where I can see that Jordan already has a girl with him and TK is working on another. Flower and his girl are together, pointing out whom they thought I would go home with tonight (they loved betting on that) and Sid was talking with Alex Goligoski and Kris Letang as they drank.

“Jesus Christ, it’s as hot as hell in here! Honestly you would think this is a club in Egypt, don’t you people know about air conditioning?” Maggie mumbles from beside me.

I roll my eyes, “then take your damned coat off Maggs,” I grumble.

She lets out a sigh as I hear the zipper being pulled down just as we approach the table.

“Hey guys, you remember Maggie,” I say gesturing behind me. The boys look up and I see a few jaws slacken before they mumble their hellos.

“Hey,” I hear her say back cheerfully.

I look back at her wondering why they were staring. My breath stops for a moment as the blood rushes through my ears noisily. When Maggie said she wouldn’t have any trouble competing in what she was wearing, I was doubtful. But looking at her now I should have known better. She had pulled off her coat leaving her in only a white racer back tank top. I could faintly see the black outlines on her ribs from her tattoos. The ink was noticeable enough to peak curiosity and concealed enough to make me want to strip her of her shirt and find out what was written there. The neckline plunged low enough so that I got a glimpse of tempting cleavage but stopped short of being racy. The shirt continued down to just below her belly button. Leaving a band of temping tanned skin for my eyes to feast on before it slipped back under her dark blue jeans, held up by the worn leather belt with the gold buckle. I had never seen a simple white tank top look so good on some one, nor did I think one could get me so hot. Her hair fell in waves of dark coffee brown down her back and framing her face. Her green eyes looked at me curiously as she cocked her head to the side.


“Umm… nothing,” I sigh shaking my head and looking down to the floor.

There was no need to not look at her, the image of her standing there was burned in my brain… and she was fully clothed! I could only imagine what it would be like if everything else was gone. I risk it and look back up at her. She smiles a knowing smile at me and her clover green eyes sparkle. Now was when every other girl would let out a small giggle and close that step that stood between the two of us. Every other girl would wrap her arms around my neck and tell me we should get out of here. Every other girl would be in my bed in 15 minutes. But Maggie wasn’t every other girl. She just shakes her head with a smile.

“I’ll see you later Max,” she laughs before turning and making her way through the crowd and to the bar.

What the hell was she going to do at the bar alone?! I shake my head, I’d give her 10 minutes and then go save her and bring her back to the table. I walk back over to the guys grabbing one of the beers on the table and twisting open the cap. I chat with the guys for a bit, smirk at a few girls that I would normally take home on a night like tonight. But tonight, I was going to take Maggie home. I might not get her in bed tonight like I would like, but she would want to go home soon anyway. After all it was Maggie, she didn’t even like dancing.

“Whoa” I hear TK say slowly, looking wide eyed over my shoulder and onto the dance floor. The other guys also have their jaws touching the floor.

I follow his eyes and I feel my jaw drop as well. I never thought I would see the sight that I was seeing. And man was it hot.

It hadn’t even been 10 minutes yet and she had her back pressed up against some guy! I watch as they dance to the music, Maggie’s chest slightly glistening with sweat. Her brown leather belt caught the eye, accentuating the sensual movement of her hips as the gold buckle caught the dim lights every so often. Moving my eyes back up her torso I could faintly see black across her rib cage from her tattoos. Her hair was pulled up high in a messy bun; making it easy to see those two eagle feathers behind her ear. I realize that she was right. She definitely didn’t need all that other stuff the other girls had on. Maggie could probably have any guy in this club and you couldn’t even see her ankles. She was hot in jeans and a tank top, minimal makeup. Add her unwavering confidence to that and you had a hell of a catch. And I wasn’t the only one that thought so, as I looked around not only were my teammates looking at her, but other guys checked her out as the women that didn’t have the guts to come to a club dressed as Maggie had, sized her up, whispering behind their hands. But if Maggie noticed the attention, she gave no indication. Honestly, she was probably oblivious to the fact that all the girls wish they were her and all the guys wish they were with her. Maggie had no idea how gorgeous she was.

I watch as her hips move to the beat and the guy she was dancing with puts his hands on her hips. Those green eyes move up and catch with mine. She looks at me as her arms rise so that they are situated behind her around the guy’s neck. His hands move up from her hips, finding the space where her waist flared back in. She smiles wickedly at me, before grinding her hips into him a little harder. I can see the guys fingers dig slightly into her flesh at her movements and the sight made my blood boil. The son of a bitch moves his head down to her neck, his mouth moving over her, to which she answers by grinding into him harder.

“Jesus Christ, do you see her over there. It’s like they’re having sex on the dance floor. Get a room damnit!” I grumble, pounding back a shot.

“Oh please Max, you are out there all the time doing the exact same thing,” Sid says rolling his eyes.

I just grunt in response, my eyes still trained on the Maggie. I watch as his mouth moves up her neck to behind her ear, right where those feathers are. She bites her lip and closes her eyes, as his mouth works over them. Her white teeth barely showing out as they bite into her full bottom lip, making even me groan at the sight.

That’s enough, my mind seems to snap. I roughly push my chair back and stand up, taking a few steps over to them.

“Hey!” I shout so that they could hear me.

The guy looks up at me and upon seeing the source of the voice his eyes widen. Maggie sighs and slowly opens her eyes to glare at me.

“Something the matter, Talbot?” she purrs, making a shiver go down my spine as those emerald eyes have become a dark forest green.

“Step off her man, you’re done,” I growl at the guy while continuing to stare at Maggie, who just glares at me.

“Sorry, I didn’t think she was taken. Good goal tonight,” he says letting go of her and immediately backing off.

I nod in his direction before grabbing a hold of her arm and dragging her off the dance floor.

“Max what the fuck?” she hisses in my ear.

“I should be asking you the same question! You two were all over each other!” I growl back.

“Who the hell do you think you are, one of my brothers? Let me have my fun, Max,” she snaps pushing me off her and making her way back to the dance floor.

I let out a low growl as she comes to a group of guys by the bar. I did want her to have her fun, but I wanted it to be with me not those other guys. They could have her as soon as I was done with her.

There was no doubt about it, Maggie knew exactly how to land a guy. But I don’t think she realizes how good at it she actually is, she could get any guy in this club. I watch as she runs her hand up the nape of her neck, brushing a few unruly strands of hair that have escaped from her bun. She then takes a long swig of the beer in front of her. Her naturally pink full lips tightly around the beer as she drank, making me groan. Two guys follow her out on the dance floor, seemingly tripping over their tongues as her hips sway in front of them, I watch as they begin to dance, sandwiching her in the middle. Even just looking at the scene made me hot.

I go to the bar tender and down another shot before grabbing a beer, how many was that now? I spot a busty red head wink at me from across the bar as she twirls a strand of her hair around her finger and bites her lip. I take a swallow of beer and briefly look to Maggie, just as her eyes meet mine. My eyes flash as my mind growls, ‘two can play that game,’ and I walk over to the red head.

Maggie’s POV

I look over to the bar, to make sure Max won’t interrupt my decision making… err, I mean dancing. I spot him sitting on one of the bar stools, his stormy eyes immediately catching mine, making me shiver inadvertently at their intensity even with the current extreme heat I was pressed between. I watch as his gaze drifts to the end of the bar where a red head, whom had previously tried to pick up Crosby and Malkin, winks at him. His gaze snaps back to me and with a slight smirk he makes his way over to the red head. I watch as he whispers something in her ear, to which she responds with an eager giggle and nods her head. I roll my eyes as he offers her his hand and she giggles again, following him out on the dance floor where they begin doing exactly what I was doing, deciding. For them it was deciding if they were going home with each other, for me it was deciding which one of the two guys I was sandwiched between was going to scratch my itch.

I watch as Max snaps his gaze quickly up to me with a smirk and it hits me. Was he trying to make me jealous?! Please, if anything this girl was taking him off my hands. She could do what ever she wanted with her perfectly manicured hands and high heels. If she was with Max, that gave me the opportunity to take one of these guys home.

“Hey Synder, I’ll see ya later,” I hear the guy currently pressed against my back tell his friend that was pressed to my front. A man that takes charge that’s what I like, I think.

‘Snyder’ looks down at me, and I flash him that ‘sorry kid maybe next time’ smirk making him drag his feet as he leaves the dance floor. Letting his friend get some action tonight instead of him.

I can immediately feel the guy behind me straighten his posture in a more dominant manner, he had won his mate for tonight and I’m sure the victory had pumped up his testosterone and his ego. His hands come up to my hips, pressing me harder into him as he grinds into me, my hands move up to the back of his neck, pulling him closer to me. His lips come to brush my neck by my collarbone making me hum with pleasure. But then his lips venture higher and graze lightly against my tattoo, I tighten my fingers, pressing them into his neck more as I bite my lip and allow my eyes to close at the feeling.

“Oh, ya like that, huh?” he whispers gruffly in my ear.

He lets out a slight chuckle, no doubt getting another ego boost at the knowledge that he had found my weakness. His mouth moves over the spot again, this time giving it a small nip and then running his hot tongue over my skin. I let out a quiet groan before he spins me around so that we’re front to front. His lips almost immediately crash down on mine, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. Like I said, I like a man that takes charge, but this guy was a little too high on his high horse. His ego was getting the best of him. As his tongue moves around in my mouth I feel his hands wonder up from my hips and under the hem of my shirt.

This guy was getting way too cocky; to be honest he wasn’t even that great of a kisser. I could tell this guy wasn’t going to last very long in bed if he kept it up. But right now, I wouldn’t protest to letting him take me home. I was damned itchy.

His thumbs brush the underwire of my bra and I pull away from his heated kiss.

“Whoa, hold on there Tiger, we’re still in public,” I purr, looking over his face. He was a little under 6’5’’ (well over a foot taller than me) and you could tell he spent a good amount of time in the gym. He had sandy blond hair and light brown eyes. He was definitely hot, just a bit too drunk.

“Well then what do you say we get outta here,” he rumbles back, his light brown eyes slightly glazed over from the alcohol he had consumed and the lust that was running through his blood.

I put on my best sexy siren smile and am about to agree when a voice growls behind me.

“Go find another girl to take home, ‘Tiger.’ She’s not leaving with you,” the familiar voice growls, his French accent coming out more in his anger and drunkenness. I groan inwardly, as I turn to face him.


“Come on Maggs, we need to leave,” he says lowly, his hand coming to my arm to pull me away from the guy.

“Hey, fuck off 'Superstar.' Go find a different trophy. She’s with me tonight,” my would-have-been -itch-scratcher replies.

“Excuse me, trophy?” I respond turning to look at him, but he doesn’t hear me as he and Max continue their staring match.

The guy is taller than Max by a good 5 inches and he had at least 20 more pounds on him. I sigh, there was no way this was going to end well.

“Sorry, but she’s already taken,” Max growls back as I’m some how pushed out of the way and they stand dangerously close to each other.

Taken?! Like hell I am!

Suddenly, I hear a solid thud as a fist connects with Max’s jaw.


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