Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 2: Two Small Feathers

“Max, we’re going to head over to The Pig and Fiddle later for some drinks, you in?” Flower asks, undoing the buckles of his pads.

“Nah, can’t today. I’ve got a date tonight,” I smirk at him suggestively.

“Ooohh, you mean dinner before a one night stand,” he chuckles rolling his eyes.

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I went out with her before,” I say pointing to him as I make my way to the shower.

“Wow, a two date streak, what a record. What’s her name?”


“Uhm… I think it’s Pheobe,” I say over my shoulder.

I think…

“Max,” she whines with a sexy pout, “I thought you said there would be other guys from your team here.”

“There will be baby, just give them some time to get here,” I tell her, giving her a smile and taking her hand in mine.

“But Maaax, what if they don’t come.”

“They will come baby,” I reassure her.

I look around the quiet familiar bar as she sighs. It was pretty well kept secret that the boys had and we knew the bartender, Paul, pretty well. I notice that there is no one here yet, save for a curly raven haired beauty with her back to me at the bar, sipping on a Guinness and downing a sandwich. Never seen her before.

“Oooohhh, look. Is that them?” Julie squeals beside me.

I look to the door to see a few of my teammates stream in.

“Mad Max,” they shout out at me.

“Boys!” I greet.

“Maxi, let’s go over and say hi to you team mates!” Julie squeals again.

“Ok,” I sigh with a grin.

Of course this wasn’t my type of girl; however, if you ask one of my teammates, anyone without a dick and a decent rack is fair game with me. Which was partly true, right now I wasn’t picky, I would get picky when I was ready to settle down. But I’m 26, I’m not ready to settle down quite yet. And right now, tonight, this was the girl I was taking home. I had already taken her home a few nights ago, and she was definitely a good lay. So if I had to show her my teammates for the last round 2, it was a small price to pay. She could flirt with them all she wanted, as long as I got to take her home for tonight and she did that thing with her tongue.

We get up and make our way to the table. Her big (fake) tits bouncing as she wiggled her slim hips over to the table of guys. I doubted that she graduated from Princeton, if she even went to college, but she didn’t burn retinas, that was for sure. She looked like she came close to making it into playboy, and with the amount of clothing she had on, she could have been. She had light brown hair, I could tell it was dyed, but I was unsure (nor did I care) of her natural color. She had big hazel eyes, that were almost lost in the smoky eye shadow and her clothes were so tight, leaving little to imagination. How did women get into clothing so tight? The skirt was short, the shirt was low, and the heels were high (not that I was complaining. She was right out of a maxim magazine. The guys all break out in grins, knowing what I was doing tonight, or should I say who. I see a few tongues come close to hitting the table as my new lay... dy friend and I approach.

“Hey guys this is…” I begin to introduce my puck bunny as the girl from the bar walks buy us, fixing the collar on her jacket. As she pushes her long raven mane out of the collar I get a glimpse of high cheekbones with a dusting of freckles across them, and a small tattoo below her right ear. I could just make out two small feathers. I’ve seen that tattoo before, “… Maggs?”

Her head snaps up to meet mine and I’m met with a pair of green emerald eyes.

“Max!” she says in shock.

“It is you! What are you doing in Pittsburgh? God, I haven’t seen you in what… almost 10 years?” I ask walking over to her and abandoning my very confused table and a less than amused busty brunette.

“I’m photographing Fort Pitt and helping with the dig. What are you doing here?” she asks still shocked.

“I live here. I play for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Don’t tell me you stopped watching hockey Maggs,” I say with a smile.

“Damn, I don’t remember the last time I watched a game on TV. Let alone watched TV. I’ve been in Egypt for the past 2 months,” she grins back, “So you made it, eh? To the NHL, I mean.”

“Yeah I did. Just like I told you I would,” I grin back cockily at her, before I hear Jordan clear his voice over at the table.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. Guys this is Maggie Sutherland… wait it is still Sutherland, right? A guy hasn’t tamed you yet, has he?” I say suddenly realizing that it is a real possibility that she was married, like many of my other friend in Quebec.

“Nah, that’d tie me down too much,” she brushes off. And I find myself feeling relieved?

“Anyway, this is Maggie, she and I lived next door to each other, the last two years of high school. Maggs these are my team mates, Jordan Staal, Alex Goligoski, Brooks Orpik, Evgeni Malkin, Tyler Kennedy, Kris Letang, and Marc Andre Fleury. Oh, and this is Julie,” I say introducing her to everyone.

“Nice to meet you,” the guys chime in together.

“Boys,” Maggie nods with a grin, “Nice to meet you, Julie.”

“Yeah,” my date chokes back with a sneer, sizing up Maggie. Julie sat at the table next to Staalzy and Gogo, placing her boobs on the table and leaning over slightly, giving me and everyone else in the bar, a good look at her twin purchases.

I look around the table and see the guys all seem to be ignoring her and focusing on Maggie. Their eyes traveling the length of her petite body. I look back to her, and actually take in her appearance.

I hadn’t seen her in 8 years, since her high school graduation and she hadn’t grown an inch, still the slight 5’2’’ but her figure was slightly different. It was still the hourglass figure that she had in high school. But now there was lean muscle in place of the smooth skin that had once graced her at 17. She still had the hips and ass that guys secretly dreamed about, and the one she was so self-conscious about. Rounded and in your face, I laughed to myself remembering joking with her after I hung a Frisbee off of it. She had rather small breasts, unlike the brunette next to me, but of course the brunette next to me had gel in hers. Maggie was still the girl who looked best in a t-shirt and worn jeans, I note looking at her faded blue shirt with the word “Nikon” across her chest. The t-shirt stopped where a brown leather belt with a warn gold buckle began holding up faded jeans that hid what I knew to be toned legs underneath, after all she was the soccer captain of her high school. Maggie had those girl next door looks, but with a sarcastic spin to her attitude setting her apart from the stereotype.

Her long dark brown almost black hair had grown out, hitting just below her bust in waves that only she could pull off. The look that girls spent hours in front of the mirror with a curling iron and then shaking their head to tousled perfection. The rich dark coffee coloring, of her hair shined from being constantly dried naturally. Her lips had a natural pink flush with a slight shine from, no doubt, her signiture Burt’s Bees or Blistex chapstick she kept in her pocket. A dusting of freckles was splashed across her slender nose and high cheekbones; from a tan she had received from the sun and not a machine.

Finally I looked up into what captured me the most about Maggie Sutherland. With her appearance, bright blue eyes or dark brown eyes were expected, but in their place were eyes that shown like emeralds. They weren’t the light greenish yellow that most green-eyed people possessed. They were almost the green of a clover, a deep green that seemed to change with every mood. They were framed by long dark lashes, like that my blond friend had glued on. But of course Maggs wore hardly any makeup.

“Why don’t you sit down and have a beer with us, Maggie,” Marc asks.

“No thanks, I’ll let you boys to your fun. I’ve had a long day, I’ve got to get home,” she smiles sadly.

“Aww, come on Maggs. We can catch up,” I grin at her.

“Maybe later Max, I’m beat. I’m still jet lagged and I have to find my pillow and blanket among the boxes,” she shakes her head.

“Still as stubborn as ever I see.. Alright, Maggs, give me your phone,” I say holding out my hand, I wasn’t letting her go that easily.

“Still as cocky as ever, I see,” she replies mocking me, before reaching into her fleece pocket to retrieve her phone handing it over.

I plug my phone number in her phone and text myself from her phone so that I will have her number.

“Looks like you’ve done that once or twice before, Talbot,” she snickers.

“Eh, a few,” I grin back handing her the phone.

She goes to take it but I pull back immediately, to which she gives an annoyed huff. I chuckle and giver her her phone.

“Good to see you Maggs, I’ll text you later so that we can meet up.”

“Oh joy,” she says with a sarcastic eye roll, but the grin on her face told me she was kidding, “Nice to meet you guys,” she says looking over my shoulder at the table.

“See ya around Maggie,” they reply.

She smiles, her dazzling smile and turns her attention back to me, “Later, Talbot.”

“You can count on it Maggs,” I grin at her before she walks out the door; her hips have a slight sway to them as she walks.

I turn around to see all the guys grinning at me, and Julie has her hands on her hips not looking very amused.

“What?” I ask.


Anonymous said...

likkeeeee!! i love how he ignored julie for maggie :)

India said...

That was excellent. I loved Max's POV and the stark comparisons of Julie and Maggie. Can't see Julie being in the picture for long - seems she's just there to meet the team. Can't wait for no. 3 :)

Penslove25 said...

I don't think Barbies excited about the reunion...I have me intrigued. Great update, can't wait for more

Anonymous said...

I like this new story....

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Please post more soon.

Tillie said...

I LOVE this story so far. Very intriguing and I always appreciate a tough girl like Maggie :)

Keep it up, this is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

i like it...and you having a strong girly in the story ownly makes it hard for max to get job